Accepted Talks

Yaroslav Shramko: The dual Belnap logic, and anything but falsehood
Nissim Francez and Michael Kaminski: Poly-sequents and poly-logistic natural-deduction
Ivan Varzinczak: Next Steps in Reasoning Defeasibly over Description-Logic Ontologies
Arnon Avron, Ofer Arieli and Anna Zamansky: Theory of Effective Paraconsistent Logics
Dov Gabbay: Temporal Aspects of Many Lives
Soma Dutta: Non-explosiveness and Relativized Notion of Inconsistency: an Information System Perspective
Juliana Bueno-Soler: Popper’ s Conditional Probability and the LFIs
Adam Prenosil: Classifying De Morgan clones
Alexander Bochman: Four-Valued Semantics and Logics in Argumentation
Annemarie Borg: Hypersequent-based Argumentation: An Instantiation in the Relevance Logic RM
Carlos Caleiro and Sérgio Marcelino: Fibring partial non-deterministic matrices (extended abstract)
Walter Carnielli: Possibilistic and Neccessitistic Reasoning based on Logics of Formal Inconsistency
Jan Paseka, David Kruml and Thomas Vetterlein: On the coextension of cut-continuous pomonoids
Beata Konikowska and Arnon Avron: Three-valued Paraconsistent Logic for Covering-based Rough Sets
Jean-Yves Beziau: The Substractive Paraconsistent Logic SK/2
Christian Fermüller: Connecting Argumentation, Incompatibility Semantics, Nmatrices, and Relevance Logics
Tamar Lando: Topology and Measure in Logics for Point-free Space
Katalin Bimbo: Interpretations of Weak Positive Modal Logics
Casper Storm Hansen: A Conventionalist Philosophy of Mathematics
Nenad Savić and Thomas Studer: Relevant Justifications
Oleg Grigoriev: Logic of Bipartite Truth with Uncertainty Dimension
Janusz Ciuciura: Making the Explosion More Gentle
Tomáš Lávička and Adam Přenosil: General Approach to Inconsistency Lemmas
Heinrich Wansing and Matthias Unterhuber: Connexive Logic and Chellas-Segerberg Semantics
Igor Sedlar: Towards completeness of some lattice-valued modal logics
Leonid Devyatkin: Many-Valued Paraconsistent Extensions of Classical Positive Propositional Calculus
Natalya Tomova and Antonina Nepeivoda: Functional properties of four-valued paralogics
Carlos Caleiro, Joao Marcos and Sérgio Marcelino: What the bleep do we know about the combination of classical connectives?
Carolina Blasio, Joao Marcos and Heinrich Wansing: An inferentially many-valued two-dimensional notion of entailment
Libor Behounek: Free Quantification in Fuzzy Logic
Marta Bilkova, Petr Cintula and Tomas Lavicka: Lindenbaum-style proof of completeness for infinitary logics
Jesse Heyninck: Relations between assumption-based approaches in nonmonotonic logic and formal argumentation
Hitoshi Omori: From Dunn to Avron: towards a systematic overview of paraconsistent logics
Martina Dankova: Quantification in Partial Fuzzy Logic
Roman Kuznets and Bjoern Lellmann: A Constructive Proof of Interpolation for Intermediate Logics Using Analytic Calculi
Agata Ciabattoni, Federico Aschieri and Francesco Antonio Genco: Goedel Logic: from Hypersequents to Parallel Computation
María Manzano, Manuel A. Martins and Antonia Huertas: Combining propositional type theory, equational logic and hybrid logic
Yotam Dvir: Existential Information Processing in First-Order Logic
Matthias Baaz: On the benefit of unsound rules