Practical information

The first two days of ISRALOG will be held at the Hecht Museum Auditorium located in the Main Building (see red point on the map).

The third day of ISRALOG will be held at Room 570 at the Science and Education Building (see blue point on the map).


Here is the time schedule for the buses leaving to/from ISRALOG venue:


Direction Time
Sunday 15.10
Villa Carmel -> Haifa U 7:40
Haifa Bay View -> Haifa U 7:30
Haifa U -> Villa Carmel -> Haifa Bay View 18:30
Monday 16.10
Villa Carmel -> Haifa U 8:20
Haifa Bay View -> Haifa U 8:20
Haifa U -> Social Dinner (Haifa Bay View) 18:30
Social Dinner (Haifa Bay View) -> Villa Carmel 22:00
Tuesday 17.10
Villa Carmel -> Haifa U 8:20
Haifa Bay View -> Haifa U 8:20
Haifa U -> Villa Carmel -> Haifa Bay View 17:00

Arrival to Haifa:
The best way to arrive to Haifa from Ben Gurion airport is by taking a train from the airport station to Hof Hacarmel Station (journey of 1 hour 20 mins). Train timetable

Note however that starting from Friday noon and until Saturday evening (approximately 21:20) there are no trains from the airport to Haifa. The options are: taxi (~120 Euro) or a service taxi (~30 Euro).  “Amal” service taxis to Haifa and the surrounding regions depart from the service post in Terminal 3, on Level G, next to Gates 01-03. There are signs directing to the post.

Guided Tour:

A guided tour of Haifa will be organized on October 18th. The tour is NOT included in the registration fee.

Tour description:
We will first stop to see the Bahai Gardens stop on Mount Carmel for a breathtaking view of Haifa Bay and the golden dome of Haifa’s Baha’i Shrine. The opening of the Baha’i Gardens surrounding the golden Shrine on May 22, 2001 marks the end of a 10 year, 250 million dollar project, which some say is “The Eighth Wonder of the World”. Colorfully planted in meditating beauty elaborate water fountains, sculptured ornaments, a wide variety of plants and other decorative elements are set in perfect harmony. The 19 majestic terraced gardens cascading down the length of Mount Carmel are an oasis of tranquility.
We will continue driving down to the German Colony, see the reconstructed new neighborhood with its 200 years old houses.
On to Stella Maris, visiting the monastery from 1700’s built over the cave of Elisha.
We will then visit the Druze village (Daliat el Carmel and Osfia) for tasting some local delicacies.